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Contact Information
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Please send correspondence or donations to:

CAF Red Tail Squadron
971 Hallstrom Drive
Red Wing, MN 55066


For general inquiries and information please contact
LaVone Kay, Marketing Director

CAF Red Tail Squadron Leader
Brad Lang

CAF Red Tail Squadron Coordinators
Doug Rozendaal
Tim Barzen

Logistics Coordinator
Marvona Welsh

Volunteer Coordinator
Ken Mist
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Drive Team/Tour Managers
Terry & Jeanette Hollis

Commemorative Air Force/CAF Airpower Museum
Steve Buss, Vice President of Development
(432) 563-1000 ext. 2259
• Contact for gifts of stock and bond securities

Honorary Tuskegee Airmen Board Members
Col. Charles McGee
Dr. Roscoe Brown
Dr. Harold Brown

P-51C Mustang Pilots
Brad Lang
Doug Rozendaal
Alan Miller
Paul Stojkov
Bill Shepard

To obtain our IRS financial forms and other detailed information, please visit.

 Frequently asked question about why we have multiple addresses:

Our 501c3 address is the 225 Bravo Lane, that is where the Mustang undergoes maintenance and is hangared when not flying. The MN CAF Wing has a WW2 museum at 310 Airport Road, Hangar 3 with a number of other WW2 aircraft they maintain and fly. There is no office space for us there so our Marketing Director works from a home office, which is the 971 Hallstrom Drive in Red Wing.

We work with a direct mail company, Fundraising Strategies. The Topeka address is their fulfillment center where the Red Tail merchandise is stored for fulfillment for donations from the direct mail campaigns. From the home office we also fulfill orders that are processed from the website or called in.

The donations made via the direct mail campaigns are processed through Topeka but deposited into the Red Tail account for the Rise Above tours, educational resources, rebuild, maintenance, ect.